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Transportation logistics services
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Transportation logistics services

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Брюханов Андрей
Брок-Трейд Лтд, ООО,  Николаев, UA
на Флагма с 2 декабря 2015


Our company provides the following services for the transport of goods in international traffic: by road, air, sea, rail transport to countries (from countries) in Europe, Asia and the CIS:
- oversized and non-standard cargo;
- prefabricated cargoes (small-sized cargoes);
- deck cargoes;
- containers for the transport of goods;
- dangerous cargoes;
- chartering of ships;
- cargo insurance;
- cargo forwarding in seaports;
- accumulation and handling of cargoes;
- examination of cargo.
Due to the consolidation of goods, our company throughout the whole period of its existence, has achieved a reduction in transportation costs (transportation in one direction with the help of passing trucks) for the transportation of various cargoes.
We will implement the most optimal solutions regarding the route and mode of transportation of your cargo.
Our advantages:
• We have been working in the field of transport and forwarding activities since 1998.
• We organize a full range of services for forwarding services for various types of cargo.
• Presence of direct contracts with owners and operators of rolling stock.
• Representative offices of our company in many cities of the country.

Номер объявления: 1762186
Брок-Трейд Лтд, ООО,  Николаев, UA
на Флагма с 2 декабря 2015

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