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Photographer в Амстердаме

ищу работу в Амстердаме, 1 500 €, полная занятость
Абрамчук Алексей Геннадьевич
Абрамчук Алексей Геннадьевич 30 лет, Амстердам, высшее образование
+7 (918) 179-XX-XX

Опыт работы

6 лет 5 мес Янв 2008 - Июн 2014
newmen, Krasnodar
6 лет 5 мес Янв 2008 - Июн 2014
2011-2014 Publishing house "Newmen", a regular photographer. Responsibilities: photography for 12
publications, including: “Klyuchavto”, “Tabris”, “Fanagoria”, “Kentro”, “The World of Hunting”, “Kuban
airline”, “South of Auto”, “Weekend”. Responsibilities: shooting advertising photo projects, shooting
magazine covers. Staged photography of executives of companies for interviews, advertising photography
of clothing and objects, reportage photography.
Photographing objects in the studio for clipping and compositional shooting (“Tabris”, “Kentro”, “Fanagoria”,
“World of Hunting”). Business trips in winemaking with various types of surveys: landscape, exterior, interior, production part, personnel and subject photography of still lifes and wines.
Since 2017 I have been doing macro photography in flower photography.
From 2014 to the present day I serve various types of business: online stores, large and small-scale
production, portrait photography, photography of a clothing catalog, image photography, advertising
photography and video. There is a portfolio of surveys in Europe: the Netherlands (photography of flowers
and greenhouses), France (advertising photography of restaurants and hotels).

Высшее образование

КГУФКСТ, Krasnodar
4 года 11 мес Сен 2008 - Авг 2013

Знание языков

Английский - базовый

Дополнительная информация

Wishes for future work
Creating visual content for Internet sites and printed products. Participation in the development of
advertising campaigns, the implementation of technical tasks of a marketer or a PR manager. Staged
subject shooting in the studio or in the open air, portrait photography, interior photography. Position:
photographer, videographer. Possible continuous cooperation and individual projects.

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