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Manager,administrator,head of a separate division(warehouse) в Амстердаме

ищу работу в Амстердаме, возможен переезд, 2 500 €, полная занятость
Uvarov Vladimir
Uvarov Vladimir 28 лет, Талдыкорган, Казахстан, высшее образование
+7 (705) 772-XX-XX

Опыт работы

Equipment installer
2 года 4 мес Июн 2018 - Настоящее время
«Koger Ltd.», Taldykorgan
2 года 4 мес Июн 2018 - Настоящее время
Organization and execution of works of installation of poultry equipment
Assembler of steel and reinforced concrete structures, shift supervisor
2 года 3 мес Янв 2015 - Апр 2017
Bridge construction brigade № 25 , Oskemen
2 года 3 мес Янв 2015 - Апр 2017
Organization and management of activities for the implementation of all types of installation, transport, technical works related to the construction of bridge structures and other steel and reinforced concrete structures. Management experience-up to 10 people
Deputy warehouse manager
3 мес Окт 2014 - Янв 2015
Furniture store «Hettich», Astana
3 мес Окт 2014 - Янв 2015
Holding intermediate inventories, management of works on reception, to the rational distribution, storage and issue of goods and materials, organization and carrying out of cargo handling works in a warehouse, the observance of safety rules, labour protection, fire safety, maintenance of documents circulation within the unit, timely inspection and repair of equipment, inventory in the warehouse.
The commander of the assault squad, Sergeant of the assault platoon, Deputy warehouse Manager
4 года Окт 2010 - Окт 2014
Military unit 68665, Astana
4 года Окт 2010 - Окт 2014
successful execution of combat missions by the branch;
training, education, maintenance of military discipline, moral and psychological state and security of military service, appearance of subordinates, control over the performance of their duties of military service;
control over the correct use and saving of weapons and military equipment, equipment and uniforms and their maintenance in order and serviceability.
organization of reception, unloading and proper storage of weapons, missiles and ammunition, timely execution of orders (overhead);
responsibility for the availability and condition of stored weapons, missiles and ammunition;
responsibility for terms and procedure of maintenance (regulations) and inspections of stored weapons, missiles and ammunition;
to comply with the rules of storage, conservation and inspection of weapons, missiles and ammunition and to ensure their implementation;
the correct qualitative, quantitative and inventoried weapons, passports, inventory, etc.;
the organization of training of the personnel of the warehouse;
ensuring the safety of weapons, ammunition, missiles, equipment and property accepted for storage.
Management experience - up to 45 people

Высшее образование

Zhetysu State University , Taldykorgan
Computer science
5 лет 9 мес Сен 2009 - Июн 2015

Знание языков

Русский - свободно, Английский - базовый, Казахский - базовый

Дополнительная информация

19.07.1992 was born in the town of Ushtobe, Kazakhstan. There are skills of repair of equipment, weapons and construction of complex structures, organization and control of these processes entrusted to subordinates. I can read construction drawings, maps, electrical diagrams, etc.. Advanced PC user, office programs. I know the basic requirements of fire and industrial safety, standards and labor protection. I know the General rules and regulations for the storage of goods and materials, organization of work of the warehouse. I read and translate from English and Kazakh, my native language is Russian. Driver's license category "ВС". I don’t have any bad habits.

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