Firewoods in crates
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Firewoods in crates

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Условия поставки: DAP
Михалевич Артур
,  Киев, UA
на Флагма с 1 октября 2015


Dear Sirs, We produce chopped firewood, air, and kiln dryed, in wooden crates 1RM,1,8 and 2RM.
Have Humidity from 15 till 29%, length 0.25m or 30-31 sm. Price on terms Dap Netherlands(any places)-
• Mix (aspen, maple, alder, birch, not less than 2 species of wood, minimum 20% of one species)
1RM – 66 Euro, 2RM – 130Euro
• alder1RM – 66 Euro, 2RM – 132Euro
• Birch 1RM – 72Euro, 2RM – 139Euro
• Oak \ASH 1RM – 75 Euro, 2RM –148 Euro
• Hornbeam 1RM – 79Euro, 2RM – 158Euro
KD+5 eur\1rm
We can pack in bags as well.
Also have kindling, boxes for apple and potato and Building lumber.

We would be happy to know a new stable partner in Belgium. Waiting for your call and your orders.

We worked with Leroy Merlin in Ukraine and Makro in Belgium.
For any information dont hesitate to contact us.
Artur, Tatyana

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,  Киев, UA
на Флагма с 1 октября 2015

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