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Custom service, clearance (as customs brokers)
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Custom service, clearance (as customs brokers)

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Брюханов Андрей
Брок-Трейд Лтд, ООО,  Николаев, UA
на Флагма с 2 декабря 2015


Our company provides professional quality customs services (customs brokerage service) for registration of foreign trade cargoes and vehicles throughout the country:
- consultation on all customs issues for legal entities and individuals and individuals;
- the company carries out the accreditation of your company or business entity at the customs throughout the country;
- preparation of foreign economic agreement, invoice and packing documents;
- carrying out full customs clearance of goods and making complete package of documents required for customs authorities;
- filling out and execution of documents accompanying the goods;
- with the help of our partners abroad we consult about customs clearance of goods in other countries;
- execution of registration of vehicles for the carriage of goods under customs control;
- translation from / into English of the following documents: foreign economic contracts, invoices, packing lists, certificates, technical documentation, etc.
Our advantages:
• We have been working in the field of customs services since 1995.
• Employees of our company have considerable experience in the field of customs brokerage activities in the clearance of various goods.
• Representative offices of our company in many cities of the country.
Cooperation with us is a guarantee of legality, reliability and quality of customs clearance of your goods!

Номер объявления: 1762187
Брок-Трейд Лтд, ООО,  Николаев, UA
на Флагма с 2 декабря 2015

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