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Wood pellets ENplus A1
 239 /t   
from  199 /t wholesale
Northway Baltic, SIA, LV Amsterdam, NL
Wood pellets EN plus-A1 are available from a warehouse in Riga (Latvia, Europe) Delivery to Italy, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden is possible. Availability: 200 tonnes-1000 tonnes / month The
Thermally modified wood
 20 /sq m EXW   
 17-18 /sq m wholesale
Термообработка, LLC, UA Amsterdam, NL
I offer heat-treated wood. Thermoeasine, thermosens, thermosilver and other breeds of wood. Dimensions of thermomodified saw timber according to the order. Possible manufacture of final molded
Selling an Angarsk larch board
 235-250 /cu m wholesale
Профснаб, LLC, RU Amsterdam, NL
Moisture 18% Length 6 meters variety 1-4 GOST 26002-83 rama P63
Rozijnen zwart zonder pitten
 3-4 /kg wholesale
Agri Food Uzbekistan, LLC, UZ Amsterdam, NL
Zwarte rozijnen topkwaliteit! De druivensoort die speciaal voor ons op de tuinen van Parkent is uitgegroeid! Wij produceren alleen verse rozijnen. Sayagi-variëteit, zure zoete en zoete smaak Europese
Paper A4, Premium Class from the manufacturer in bulk
 1.35-1.70 /pc wholesale
Alexandru Besleaga, DE, DE Amsterdam, NL
WhatsApp, Viber: The German company offers wholesale paper A4, 80 gsm, Premium Class, B, C, brand Paper One, IK, Paper Line GOLD, PPC from the manufacturer. Price CIF 1,35 - 1,70 Euro. If
Frame-panel houses
 200 /sq m   
 150-200 /sq m wholesale
Our company "CITY-HOUSE" is a manufacturer of the frame-panel houses based on Canadian technology, located in Ukraine. With the extensive experience in the construction, I want to offer the supply of
 125 /cu m EXW   
from  125 /cu m wholesale
Imex-wood, LLC, UA Amsterdam, NL
Machine Rounded poles pine( Ukraine)
Eco-friendly pool house
 85,000 /pc DAP   
 83,000-82,000 /pc wholesale
Alta Active, s.r.o., CZ Amsterdam, NL
Special offer we build wooden houses by individual order (project in price) from 120m2 only from Arkhangelsk pine and spruce, it is the best building material for log houses (beautiful texture and
 100 /pc FCA   
 80-70 /pc wholesale
AstroService, LLC, UA Amsterdam, NL
We make coffins of the European model. Poplar white. Documents processing, transportation, cooperation on conditions FCA, long-term contracts. It is possible to produce individual prayers when
Boomstamtafels. Tabletops
 150-200 /sq m wholesale
Гордиенко Р.Н., SP, UA Amsterdam, NL
Our company Bravo Wood Holding specialize in wholesaling wooden table tops. We provide our tables all over the world. Old oak (barn oak), oak, ash, elm always available All our table tops are
U45 Rivet Hinged Conveyor belt Fasteners for 7-11 mm belts
 30 /m EXW   
from  28 /m wholesale
Конвейер Сервис, LLC, UA Amsterdam, NL
U45 Rivet Hinged Conveyor belt Fasteners is ideal for use on rubber-plied conveyor belts 7-11 mm, delivering performance and long life with easy installation without a special tool. Known analogues
Caviar from sturgeon
 1,500 /kg DAT   
 860-700 /kg wholesale
Alta Active, s.r.o., CZ Amsterdam, NL
Sturgeon caviar 50g-glass, 100g, 250g a 500g tin, of the highest grade, wholesale price on conditions in EXW in Germany or in the Czech Republic, delivery to Netherlandy is possible, we offer
Humate from high quality Ukranian Leonardit
 1.50 /kg EXW   
from  1.30 /kg wholesale
Спаго, LLC, UA Amsterdam, NL
We are a new producer of Humate products and other fertilizers from high quality Ukranian leonardite. And we are interested in finding partners in the fertilizers' market. We are offering low prices
Sulfur granulated and lump
$ 115 /t CPT   
$ 105-115 /t wholesale
Луч, LLC, RU Amsterdam, NL
Sell sulphur granular grade 9998 in big bags of 950 kg delivery on the terms of CPT port of Ust-Luga. Volume from 1000 to 5000 tons per month. Form of payment letter of credit.
3d wood wall panels
 45 /sq m FCA   
 40-120 /sq m wholesale
Пивнич, LLC, UA Amsterdam, NL
We manufacture and supply different kind of 3d wall wood panels
Tables of oak
 250 /pc FCA   
 220-350 /pc wholesale
Пивнич, LLC, UA Amsterdam, NL
We produce and supply the different models tables with tops of solid oak and with metal legs
 0.13 /pc   
 0.13-0.14 /pc wholesale
Андре, LLC, BG Amsterdam, NL
The Andre Ltd , Bulgaria Vat 103845723 the distributor in Bulgaria good plants winery plants and mineral water plants . Our plants and the company Andre Ltd is a leading producer of fine wine and
Oak Table Tops
 170-200 /sq m wholesale
Фастмиськкбуд, LLC, UA Amsterdam, NL
We are Woodimpex company based in Ukraine. We are produce Oak table tops. Made from 3-4 panels. Sizes: Thickness 30 - 50 mm Width 700 - 1000 mm Length 2000 - 3000 mm Contact us.
Boards and bars
 107-185 /cu m wholesale
Alta Active, s.r.o., CZ Amsterdam, NL
Boards and bars of various sizes for your order: pine, humidity 10-22%, minimum order 40m3 per week, delivery from Ukraine on terms of FCA, DAP after payment.
 75-95 /cu m wholesale
WoodWork Production, LLC, BY Amsterdam, NL
Our company produces firewood from alder, birch, aspen, oak and hornbeam. The main parameters of firewood: • Standard length: 33/50±2cm. • Side length: min 5cm – max 17cm. • No more than 15 % - the
Dolby Lake LP4D12 Processor DLP/Lab Gruppen PLM 10000Q
 1,700 /pieces   
 1,700-1,750 /pieces wholesale
Aristides Instruments, EMZ, Amsterdam
Ampeg B15 Heritage Series Bass Combo Amplifier HB-15--1600Euro DBX 160SL Blue Precision Stereo Compressor/Limiter-1500Euro Eventide H-3000-se Studio Ultra Harmonizer Effects Processor-Euro500 Hhb
 450 /t EXW   
 445-450 /t wholesale
Вестнорд, LLC, UA Amsterdam, NL
The company manufacturer sells vegetable fatty acids. The plant is located in Ukraine. Volume up to 600 tons
Canon EOS 5D Mark III/Sony PDW-HD1500 XDCAM HD Compact Deck
 1,200 /Pieces   
 1,200-1,250 /pieces wholesale
Aristides Instruments, EMZ, Amsterdam
Sony PMW-200 professional KIT Sony XDCAM PDW-700 XDCAM HD Camcorder with HDVF-C30W Color Viewfinder Canon XF305 Professional Pal Camcorder Sony PDW-F1600 XDCAM HD Compact Deck SONY SRW-5000 HDCAM-SR
JBL 4333A Studio Monitors/ EAW KF 740 Speakers/ JM Lab Nova
 1,900 /1900   
 1,900-1,950 /1950 wholesale
Aristides Instruments, EMZ, Amsterdam
Klipsch La Scala II Floor-standing speaker Pair-4000Euro 4x eaw kf 740 speakers--5000Euro Jbl vertec 4886 vt4886-3000Euro apogee sound ae-6bnc Speaker-1500Euro Martins audio line array speaker
Neumann u47/Audio-Technica AT5040/Royer Labs R122 microphone
 2,300 /2300   
 2,300-2,350 /2350 wholesale
Aristides Instruments, EMZ, Amsterdam
Neumann u47 fet condenser microphone used-2300Euro akg c12vr tube microphone mic case -2500Euro Icom 7000 Transciever/Antenna tuner/Desk microphone/Dipole-1700Euro BLUE Telefunken M-249 Tube
Graphite Electrode RP, HP, SHP, UHP dia.100-700 mm
$ 5 /kg CIF   
from $ 5 /kg wholesale
Hongkong Jinchang..., LLC, CN Amsterdam, NL
Hongkong Jinchang Development Limited and Jinchang Carbon Limited - a supplier of graphite electrode more than 10 years in China and abroad. The production base covers an area about 40,000 square
 20-25 /sq m wholesale
Белстройтехноторг, PUE, BY Amsterdam, NL
Produced for export by FCA from Zhitkovichi, Belarus Solid wood oak floor board is unbuilt-up, dressed and comb groove. Technological desiccation of wood 6-8%. 130x25 mm, length 1-3 m. We could
 50 /box FCA   
 50-66 /box wholesale
Сырцев Ю.В., SP, BY Amsterdam, NL
Dear Mr / Mrs Firewood produced in Belarus. My company produces firewood from Alder, Аspen, Birch, Oak, Hornbeam in boxes. Firewood of natural moisture. We produce high quality firewood. Selling
Cis-isoprene synthetic rubber SKI-3. GOST 14925-79
from  3,000 /t wholesale
Урал, LLC, RU Amsterdam, NL
Cis-isoprene synthetic rubber SKI-3. GOST 14925-79 Used for making tyres and technical rubber products. Rubber SKI-3 belongs to low hazard class. MSDS is available. Packing, marking,
$ 550 /t FCA   
$ 550 /t wholesale
Тара Трейд Ко, LLC, UA Amsterdam, NL
We are whole sale suppliers of best quality oak wood charcoal briquette for BBQ.
Tuin prieel
 700 /pc EXW   
 350-360 /pc wholesale
ТД Руд Экзост Систем, LLC, UA Amsterdam, NL
Een uitstekende oplossing voor een landhuis of villa. Canopy dakstof - Oxford Optioneel - dronal. . Complete uitrusting - d * sh * in - 2200 mm * 2500 mm * 2000 mm Kan worden aangevuld met een
Natural cosmetics based on rose oil
 15 /pc FOB   
 4-10 /pc wholesale
Prlotusinternational, LS, TR Amsterdam, NL
We offer you not just natural cosmetics based on rose oil, we offer you a real brand. Products. made with the addition of 100% natural rose oil from soap to perfume - natural lotions, milk. creams,
Cellular and monolithic polycarbonate sheets
 1-2 /sq m wholesale
Эковис, LLC, RU Amsterdam, NL
Implementing major wholesale export of cellular and monolithic polycarbonate production factory "Ecovice". The plant produces a polycarbonate of the following characteristics: - sheets 2.1m x 12m and
 95 /pc FCA   
 95-100 /pc wholesale
Степанюк В.А., SP, UA Amsterdam, NL
Дрова колотые твёрдых сортов породы древесины длина 33 см ящик 1*1*2 2 складометра
up to  0.65 /pc wholesale
Провекс, LLC, UA Amsterdam, NL
Дрова для розжига в сетках по 5дм3. Древесина:сосна, ель. Длина-180мм. Раскол:10-30мм. Влажность-15%.
Eaves boards, balken, kiefernholz. Доска обрезная, брус
 140 /cu m   
 130-135 /cu m wholesale
НПП БелПрибор, LLC, BY Amsterdam, NL
The research and production enterprise "BelPribor" is Belarusian producer of sawn timber, including raw materials for the production of pallets. We carry out all complex of works on wood harvesting -
Березовый гриб чага
 5 /kg   
 2.50-3 /kg wholesale
Арсенал, LLC, RU Amsterdam, NL
Чага (трутовик, косой, чульча, цырь) – гриб-паразит семейства Трутиковых, который растёт на стволах рябины, ольхи, осины, вяза, клёна. Лечебными свойствами обладают те разновидности трутовика,
Горчица белая
from  520 /t wholesale
Агро индустрия, LLC, RU Amsterdam, NL
Продам горчицу белую, фасованную в биг-беги по 1000 кг: сор до 2%, влага до 9% - 520 ЕВРО
Пеллет древесный.
 95-130 /t wholesale
Экоарк, JLLC, BY Amsterdam, NL
Уважаемые господа. наша компания занимается изготовлением топливных гранул (пеллет) из цельного леса по технологии Наварро. из дерева, льна (до 3600 тонн/месяц) на территории Республики Беларусь.
from $ 310 /t wholesale
Cepital East, LLC, UA Amsterdam, NL
На постоянной основе продаём уголь древесный с Дуба, Граба, Берёзы. Грануляция 20-160мм. уголь 76% . Максимальня влажность 8%. Пепел макс 5%. Стандарты DIN-51749, EN1860-2. Удельный вес 185кг