Oak Table Tops
170-200 / sq m wholesale FCA
We are Woodimpex company based in Ukraine. We are produce Oak table...
Фастмиськкбуд, LLC, UA
Meubelpaneel van eik
1,500 / cu m CIP  1,255-2,500 / cu m wholesale
Bedrijf "Allianstechdrev" verkoopt een gelamineerde meubelplaat uit...
Альянстехдрев, LLC, BY
Thermally modified wood
20 / sq m EXW  17-18 / sq m wholesale
I offer heat-treated wood. Thermoeasine, thermosens, thermosilver and...
Термообработка, LLC, UA
Paper A4, Premium Class from the manufacturer in bulk
1.60 / pc wholesale CIF
WhatsApp, Viber: The German company offers wholesale paper A4, 80...
Alexandru Besleaga, DE, DE
Humate from high quality Ukranian Leonardit
1.50 / kg EXW  from 1.30 / kg wholesale
We are a new producer of Humate products and other fertilizers from...
Спаго, LLC, UA
Frame-panel houses
200 / sq m  150-200 / sq m wholesale
Our company "CITY-HOUSE" is a manufacturer of the frame-panel houses...
125 / cu m EXW  from 125 / cu m wholesale
Machine Rounded poles pine( Ukraine)
Triorar, LLC, UA
Houten tafelbladen
150-200 / sq m wholesale FCA
Wij produceren handgemaakte hardhouten werkbladen (groothandel). Het...
Гордиенко Р.Н., SP, UA
Graphite Electrode RP, HP, SHP, UHP dia.100-700 mm
$5 / kg CIF  from $5 / kg wholesale
Hongkong Jinchang Development Limited and Jinchang Carbon Limited - a...
Hongkong Jinchang..., LLC, CN
50 / box FCA  50-66 / box wholesale
Dear Mr / Mrs Firewood produced in Belarus. My company produces...
Сырцев Ю.В., SP, BY
75-95 / cu m wholesale DAP
Our company produces firewood from alder, birch, aspen, oak and...
WoodWork Production, LLC, BY
Solid wood oak floor board.
20-25 / sq m wholesale FCA
Produced for export by FCA from Zhitkovichi, Belarus Solid wood oak...
Белстройтехноторг, PUE, BY
Cis-isoprene synthetic rubber SKI-3. GOST 14925-79
from 3,000 / t wholesale EXW
Cis-isoprene synthetic rubber SKI-3. GOST 14925-79 Used for making...
Урал, LLC, RU
$550 / t FCA  $550 / t wholesale
We are whole sale suppliers of best quality oak wood charcoal...
Тара Трейд Ко, LLC, UA
Tuin prieel
700 / pc EXW  350-360 / pc wholesale
Een uitstekende oplossing voor een landhuis of villa. Canopy dakstof...
ТД Руд Экзост Систем, LLC, UA
Natural cosmetics based on rose oil
15 / pc FOB  4-10 / pc wholesale
We offer you not just natural cosmetics based on rose oil, we offer...
Prlotusinternational, LS, TR
Cellular and monolithic polycarbonate sheets
1-2 / sq m wholesale EXW
Implementing major wholesale export of cellular and monolithic...
Эковис, LLC, RU
450 / t EXW  445-450 / t wholesale
The company manufacturer sells vegetable fatty acids. The plant is...
Вестнорд, LLC, UA
Neumann u47/Audio-Technica AT5040/Royer Labs R122 microphone
2,300 / 2300  2,300-2,350 / 2350 wholesale
Neumann u47 fet condenser microphone used-2300Euro akg c12vr tube...
Aristides Instruments, EMZ, Amsterdam
JBL 4333A Studio Monitors/ EAW KF 740 Speakers/ JM Lab Nova
1,900 / 1900  1,900-1,950 / 1950 wholesale
Klipsch La Scala II Floor-standing speaker Pair-4000Euro 4x eaw kf...
Aristides Instruments, EMZ, Amsterdam
Flagmа* Available in 52 countries